Xray referral at ChiroCure

Chiropractic diagnostic xray imaging @ ChiroCure Clinic St.Kilda East

  • Based on the nature of your condition, as well as a number of other factors, imaging may be requested.
  • Referral to our local radiologist is bulk billed by Medicare.
  • X-ray studies may be taken of your spine or injured body part. These are not always required.
  • X-rays of your spine will form an essential part of determining the exact health and alignment of your spine.
  • Imaging will also indicate any spinal degeneration which maybe present, changing the course of treatment our chiropractic practitioner said take.

All X-rays are bulk billed by Medicare when referred by a ChiroCure chiropractic practitioner.
For additional information please contact us at the clinic on (03) 90135133.


Radiology at ChiroCure Clinic St Kilda East VIC 3183

At our clinic, we provide a number of X-Ray referral services.

This is bulk billed with your medicare card.

Visit our local radiology clinic with a ChiroCure clinic Referal from your chiropractor for free spinal imaging.

Your referral may include:

  • X-Ray imaging of the Neck, Mid Back and Lower Back

  • Pelvic Region X-Ray imaging for specific low back or pelvic type pain and symptoms.

  • Extremity X-Ray images are taken of a smaller concentrated area. (including a Foot, Knee, Hand, etc.)

ChiroCure Clinic care may include diagnostic Xray imaging of your spine.

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