Injury at work? We can help!


Do you have the correct sitting posture while you’re at work?

We treat all types of work Injuries and work related pain!
  • Everyone is at risk for work-related low back or neck pain.
  • Simply reaching for a dropped pen during a meeting can cause painful results.
  • The choice to either continue to work with the pain or miss work are not your only good options after a work related injury.
  • Chiropractic at ChiroCure Clinic can help!

WorkSafe may pay for all of your chiropractic treatments relating to a work injury.
WorkSafe considers chiropractic to be a primary contact service.
A referral from a medical practitioner is not required for your claim to be processed.

WorkSafe will pay the reasonable costs of chiropractic services that meet a set of worksafe criteria.
For more information please visit:
​Alternatively contact ChiroCure Clinic on (03)90135133

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