What is a report of findings visit at ChiroCure Clinic

Report of Findings appointments at ChiroCure Clinic
(Usually in the 2nd or 3rd visit or after a new injury or trauma)

You may be referred by our chiropractor for spinal X-rays.
After collecting your images from radiology, you will need to bring them in to your next scheduled appointment at ChiroCure Clinic.

During this consultation, you will be taken through your X-rays and clinical diagnosis in a ‘Report of Findings’ visit. Getting the results from your spinal Xrays in this report of findings appointment will aid in your diagnosis, and make it easier for you to make an informed decision as to how you would like to proceed with your chiropractic treatment and care plan at ChiroCure.

During this visit:

  • Our chiropractor will explain to you what we find, in terms you will understand and what treatment is recommended.
  • Our care plans are specifically tailored for you.
  • Of course, any questions you have will happily be answered.
  • Your first adjustments & all other chiropractic treatment techniques will also provided in this appointment.

All appointments can be booked online @www.chirocure.net/appointments
60 minute consultation at ChiroCure Clinic


Report of findings appointment at ChiroCure Chiropractic, StKilda East, VIC

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