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About our services

We offer specialised chiropractic care to correct misalignment occurring in the spine and joints. We reduce inflammation from occurring in the body, thereby removing the cause of the pain, restriction, stiffness and muscle weakness.

Our team of highly qualified therapeutic professionals also include lymphatic drainage, remedial massage and myotherapy practitioners.

​All treatment services encourage optimum spinal health and ensure complete body wellness. We aim to help reduce pain and dysfunction instantaneously, when removing any joint unleveling or muscle tension causing nerve irritation.

We get you healthy for a lifetime

Chiropractic adjustments and remedial therapies that are offered at ChiroCure Clinic can improve posture, stiffness, pain and symptoms relating to sleep and other musculoskeletal conditions, by improving muscle relaxation and spinal alignment.

​Therapy may help to reduce anxiety, stress and tension related to the nervous system and skeletal conditions. Remedial therapies have a strong focus towards preventative management, including early degenerative conditions, future injury and posture.

Corrective Treatment

> Care is designed by patient presentation.
> ​Treatment technique application is specific to reducing pain.
Rehabilitation and maintenance plans designed to improve movement.
> Management care will encourage self healing within the body. ​

Personalised Care

> X-ray diagnostic imaging
> Muscle support braces
> Whole body exercises
> Stretching and strengthening
Work station assessment 
> Foam Roller and Spiky Ball application for muscular release

 Home exercise programs

We offer patients personalised rehab programs for corrective stretching, strengthening and stabilisation. Rehabilitation ensures a quick recovery and muscular healing. 

Therapy can slow down spinal ageing and improve blood flow around the body by restoring nervous system function to reduce all pain symptoms. 
Our practitioners, offer patients help and advice about how to better manage their pain and injury in daily life. 

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