Treatment for Upper & Lower Cross Syndrome

Could your ‘desk posture’ be contributing to your lower back pain, neck pain or headaches? Chiropractic treatment can help!

Are you stuck behind a desk while slugging away at work all day long – five days a week?

If this sounds like you, there is a likely chance you might be suffering from what I like to call “desk posture”. Its typically characterised with your head projected anteriorly, your shoulders hunched forward, your hips feeling tight and your spine stooped over. Our ​chiropractors can assess and treat your spine to correct postural distortion causing your syndrome. 

Other than the obvious physical appearance, what does this mean?

Decades ago, Vladimir Janda, a pioneer in physical medicine and rehabilitation, described this as the “Upper Cross Syndrome” (UCS) and “Lower Cross Syndrome” (LCS).  While the body is amazingly robust and resilient, over time these postures can take a toll on the body. Problems may begin to arise involving the shoulder, neck, lower back, hips, knees and even the head and jaw joints.

Upper cross syndrome

In the UCS, your upper back muscles become increasingly tense due to the constant strain of having your shoulders forward and positioned anteriorly, while your chest & shoulder region becomes shortened or tightened due to this constantly held posture. 

Lower cross syndrome

In the LCS, your glutes have become underactive or weakened due to remaining in a sustained lengthened position. This is also often accompanied with a tight or stiff hip due to the prolonged shortening of the muscles crossing the hip joint. 
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