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Book a complimentary spine and posture check consultation

posture check at chirocure

Have you had your spine checked latelty??
✅ A completely obligation FREE chiropractic spinal assessment
✅ 15-minute health consult with a qualified chiropractor
✅  Complimentary X-ray imaging referral for analysis
✅  Computerised posture screen, with take home report
✅ Comprehensive diagnosis

✅ Several treatment options explained 
*terms and conditions subject to availability

Purchase a ChiroCure gift for your loved one

Buy your friends and loved ones the gift of health and wellness by choosing one of our gift certificates or pay in advance for consultations or treatment plans.
​Gift Cards can be redeemed for chiropractic services, remedial massage therapy treatments and products / supplements are available for purchase at the clinic.

* terms and conditions apply – booking is subject to availability

We offer Medicare treatment rebates

With a Medicare EPC referral form signed by your GP​ you will get a refund for treatment costs on the spot​

✅ Get ​5 standard chiropractic appointments rebates.
Requires GP to sign an EPC referral form attached below.
You must have chronic pain or show evidence of required care with x-rays, previous treatment history, or a health care card.
You may claim this rebate every calander year for 5 visits
That is a saving of more than $450.00 every calendar year

Every calendar year the referral will roll over so that you can claim your 5 medicare rebate chiropractic sessions!!
      T&C can be viewed on the medicare rebate referral form on our medicare page*​

Medicare EPC Referral Form.pdf
File Size: 215 kb
File Type: pdf

Download File

Once a month we do a patient name draw for a FREE 15 minute remedial massage!

Valued at $25!  
*terms and conditions apply. Booking is subject to availability.

You don’t have to live with pain!

​Next time you visit us ask your practitioner about getting a personalised program.
Contact us.

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