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​Rehabilitation from sports injuries, accident or chronic pain is not a one step process, but it doesn’t have to be as traumatic as you think!
At ChiroCure Clinic in StKilda, our practitioners don’t just treat your injuries we will work with you to make sure you receive a full recovery. Our Chiropractors and remedial therapists will offer rehabilitation in addition to treatment, aiming to decrease healing time, de-conditioning and increase self-reliance and muscular function (Triano, Mcgregor, Skogsbergh, 1997)

Our remedial massage practitioners, doctors of chiropractic and myotherapist’s offer patients help and advice to better manage their pain and injury. We offer supplement advice with practitioner prescriptions, nutrition and dietary care, lifestyle advice, work station assessment and more. Treatment with our Chiropractors or Remedial Therapists may also help to reduce the feeling of fatigue, exhaustion, sleeplessness and slow down spinal ageing, improve blood flow, restore nervous system function and reduces all pain symptoms.

Our methods

One of our methods of ensuring you perform at your best is our individualised take home programs to further accelerate your recovery. However without regular exercise to improve core strength, injuries often do not fully recover or worse, pain may increase or become more regular (Liebenson, 2007).
> X-ray diagnostic imaging
> Muscle support braces
> Whole body stretching and strengthening exercises
> Foam roller and spikey ball application for muscular release
> Supplements can be prescribed by your chiropractor
> Lifestyle and Nutrition advice
> Recommended therapeutic creams or gels and heat patches
> Remedial Massage Therapy

> Health education for the whole family

Types of injury we treat

Sports_Injury_Care StKilda Clinic

​Our rehabilitation programs are directed towards quick recovery and muscular healing. Whether you are recovering from recent accident or severe trauma, or you fell over and hurt yourself 10 years ago, we can help with rehab and strengthening.

We commonly treat patients with:
Lower back injury
Disc bulge
Hip replacement
Neck injury
Car accidents
Bike riding injury
Shoulder, wrist, and elbow breaks
Ankle or knee injury or post surgery or trauma

We personalise every exercise program to suit your specific recovery injury needs and pace.  All our rehabilitation exercises are sources using current evidence based practices.

Book your 45 minute treatment that includes rehab exercise training today!!​​

Exercise programs designed by our chiropractors

We offer customised rehabilitation exercise programs for a wide range of injuries that aim to accelerate your recovery and reduce the likelihood of relapse. This includes but is not limited to corrective stretching, strengthening and stabilisation.

​ Our methods of rehab is directed towards quick recovery and muscular healing. Whether you are recovering from a lower back injury, disc bulge, arthritis, hip replacement, neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow, ankle or knee injuries, we can customise an exercise program that will suit your recovery pace. All our rehabilitation exercises are sources using current evidence based practices.​​

Every rehabilitation protocol is phased with goals and criteria to progress through each phase. Our chiropractor will advise you of any exercise materials needed and also explain sets / reps / intensity / times per day etc. We will also provide a hard copy as well as an email copy of your program, so that exercises can be accessed electronically.​​

Additional rehab for long term wellness

> Practitioner prescribed exercises and stretches
Supplements can be purchased ChiroCure Clinic in StKilda East
Nutrition advice
> Dietary management and lifestyle advice
> Sleeping support aids
> Recommended therapeutic cremes and gels.
Heat patch, wheat bag application
Remedial Massage Therapy supportive therapies
> Health education and support for the whole family.

Home Care Advice

​​Supplements can be prescribed by your chiropractor
> Lifestyle and Nutrition advice
> Sleeping Aids
> Recommended therapeutic creams and gels
Heat patch, Wheat bag application
> Additional ergonomic support and posture advice for long term wellness.

A little extra for our patients…

Rehab ChiroCure Clinic Stkilda

*Once you are a patient, you can access our resource database page with and start downloading!!

​Find our rehab guides, exercises, stretches, strengthening programs, nutrition, supplement advice, latest research, current health tips, clinical trials, and more.
Click this link to access

What can exercise do for you?

• Strong Body – Exercise helps strengthens joints and muscles all over the body.
• Osteoporosis – Regular exercise promotes bone formation and can help prevent bone loss associated with aging.
• Balance – Exercise improves your balance, and good balance will certainly help you avoid future injuries.
• New Injuries – Exercise is essential for overcoming injuries. Injuries prevent you from using the affected or weakened area.
Rehabilitation exercises can help you to strengthen the body, and restore proper balance.
• Old Injuries – While timely rehabilitation is very important, exercise can also help in coming back from old injuries. 
This process will not happen as quickly as immediate rehabilitation, but is well worth the time spent.
• Proper Exercise – Before you start an exercise program, be sure to consult with ChiroCure practitioners. Some forms of exercise may slow down your rehabilitation, or even make your problem worse. Talk to Dr Tania Leski about rehabilitation rather than relying on the fitness staff at the local gym.
• Weight and Posture – Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight. This, in turn, contributes to good posture and the lessening of unnecessary stress on the body.
Other Health Benefits – Regular exercise has been shown to improve many health areas, including: the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and depression.

This is only a small list of the benefits of exercise for health and rehabilitation. Consult with one of our chiropractors or remedial massage therapists, for advice about how to start or modify an exercise program that is tailored for your needs and optimal for spinal health.

Chiropractic for work cover claims

Chiropractic care at ChiroCure Clinic is covered by WorkCover. WorkCover is a compulsory insurance for Victorian work places which is funded by employer contributions. It provides Victorian work places with insurance cover for employees who may be either injured or become ill due to work.​

If you have been injured at work you are eligible to get rehabilitation covered by WorkCover, ChiroCure Clinic accepts WorkCover patients for various treatment services. All you need is your claim number and case manager’s details and our friendly team will do the rest.  Additional information regarding WorkSafe can be found here.
availability and online booking information can be found here.  

​Our highly qualified remedial massage therapists have over a decade of massage experience. The techniques applied at ChiroCure stem from sport related conditions, deep tissue release, muscle relaxation, Thai Chi and martial arts.

​Treatments are specialised to compliment all chiropractic care services and rehabilitation of the muscles and joints in the body. Massage pre and post adjustment can assist with the body’s ability to hold chiropractic correction, as well as making it easier to get a correct adjustment, by releasing muscle tension and tenderness.

During treatments our therapists use Remedial Massage Therapy techniques to reduce spasms, tightness and relieve pain symptoms occurring in the body. Treatment will offer care for a wide range of conditions and symptoms. Care can help relieve headaches, sore or stiff neck, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, back pain and lumbar disc injuries.​

Liebenson, C. (2007). Rehabilitation of the spine : A practitioner’s manual (2nd ed.). Baltimore, MD: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Triano, J., Mcgregor, M., & Skogsbergh, D. (1997). Use of chiropractic manipulation in lumbar rehabilitation.Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 34(4), 394-404.

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