Posture Correcting Exercises

Exercises recommended by our Chiropractors

Here are some simple strategies our chiropractors recommend you can implement right now, whether at home or work for better health after your ChiroCure Clinic treatment.
Add these exercises and stretches to your daily routine, along with increasing your general activity and movement throughout the day to help your treatment result last longer.
​Please feel free to ask any of our practitioners to show you how to add these, and other condition specific exercises to your rehab routine at your next appointment.

chirocure pec stretsch

    1. Chest Wall Stretch

How to do it: Find yourself a doorway, bend your arm out to the side forming a 90 degree angle with your shoulder and elbow. With the same foot as the bent arm, step forward to create a stretch in the front of your shoulder/chest region. Hold for 30-40 seconds and repeat 3x per day on each side. Ensure body is relaxed. Keep breathing throughout the stretch.

 2. Triple Extension Isometrics (with resistant band)

Start by standing upright in the extended position. Keeping your arms long, neck relaxed and shoulder blades down towards your back pocket. Increase the tension from the band by stepping backwards until you find a challenging yet manageable level. Keep your chin tucked in to avoid the jaw from jutting forward. 
Hold for 60 seconds and perform 3-5 x per day. Keep breathing throughout. 

glut lift exercise chirocure

    3. Glute Hip Raise

Begin lying on your back with your feet bent up at hip-width apart. Begin by contracting your glutes first, raising your hips to the roof until a straight line is achieved from your knees, hips and shoulders. Return back to start position from there. Perform 12-15 repetitions 3 x per day. To get more out of the exercise, count 2 seconds as you raise your hips, hold for 2 seconds at the top and lower back down over 4 seconds.

 4. Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

Place one foot in front of you and one foot behind you, make sure that your hips are square and that your back foot is in line with your front foot. When in a stable position, attempt to tuck your pelvis under (posteriorly tilt your pelvis) and contract your glut muscles simultaneously (on the same side as the back knee). If this isn’t enough, keep your pelvis tucked under and slowly move your hip away from back foot.  
Hold the position for 30-40 seconds 3 x per day. Remain relaxed. The stretch may be uncomfortable but by no means painful.

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