Nutritional Tips from our chiropractic professionals at ChiroCure Clinic

We can help you get healthy and stay well!!

Some of the areas we assist our clients in their quest for better health include the recommendations of nutritional changes, the taking of health supplements, teaching and performing exercises and stretches, and assistance in making healthier lifestyle choices.

What type of conditions can our nutrition care assist with?

Therapy be more effective when including nutrition in treatment conditions including:

  • Digestive complaints including bloating, constipation, flatulence, diarrhoea, reflux & nausea
  • Stress, anxiety & mood
  • Fatigue & low energy levels
  • Hormone regulation, PMS & painful periods– Sleep disturbances & insomnia
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Joint pain & muscle pain
  • Lowered immunity & Chronic illness

We recommend:

> Metagenics supplements
> Eagle health products
> Dietary Guidance
> Sleeping Aids

For great health, our bodies require a nervous system that’s functioning at its best.

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