✔ Medicare offers a rebate for chiropractic treatment

✅  Chiropractic treatment rebate of $53.95 per visit, for a total of 5 visits each calendar year
✅  That is a saving of more than $300 per year

✅  Have a GP complete a referral form for chiropractic treatment
✅  Bring your completed medicare from with you to your next appointment
✅  Receive an instant medicare fund into your bank account at the time of appointment

✅  Minimal out pocket cost for 5 appointment visits, great for getting the body back on track

Who is eligible for a rebate?

To be eligible for Medicare rebates you will need:​​

1. Pain present for at least 6 months
2. Be placed on a Chronic Disease Management Plan (formally known as an EPC program / Rebate) with a referral from a GP under medicare ​(Forms 721 & 723)
Have a health condition or issue that qualifies you for chiropractic treatment under medicare, ie diabetes, asthma, degeneration, scoliosis ect, or hold a current healthcare or pensioner card.

​* Some GP’s may require you to recall the names, of two health professionals who’s care you have been under in the past (this can include a psychologist, physiotherapist, massage therapist, podiatrist, ect).
​It may be also be helpful to take your X-rays and report to your GP appointment.

 Out of pocket cost

ChiroCure Clinic may charger a small out of pocket fee for each appointment visit, depending on the length.

> Short visit: $6.05 / per visit
> Long visit: $37.05 / per visit

These may vary depending on the length and type of treatment.

Medicare claiming

> Patients are eligible for a maximum of 5 EPC appointment visits each calendar year, hence you will need to wait until January the following year to claim a further 5 visits in the following year. 

> You only require a new GP referral every 2 years. 
> If you don’t use your 5 visits for the year; you forfeit them.

> Make sure your GP applies for the full 5 visits otherwise you may only be eligible for less, depending on what your GP submits to Medicare. 

> If you have seen any other Health Practitioners, other than your GP or medical specialist, then you may have already used part or all of your EPC entitlement for that year, so be sure to confirm with us or your GP how many visits you have left.

To check if you have already used your medicare rebates, please contact Medicare directly on 132150.​

Does Medicare cover the cost of x-ray imaging?

All X-ray imaging requested by one of our Chiropractors is Bulk Billed. Referrals are valid at all radiology imaging centres. This means that the actual images cost you nothing.

An EPC referral does not however, cover the cost of an Xray report of findings appointment at ChiroCure Clinic thereafter. There is slightly increased fee for the long follow up appointment, to enable our practitioners to provide you with a detailed findings report and management will. 

Can you use private health insurance in conjunction with medicare rebates?

 You need to decide if you are going to use your Medicare rebate or your private health insurance at the end of your appointment.
Unfortunately you cannot claim both refunds for the same consultation.

​Once you have claimed all of your 5 Medicare rebates you can continue to claim through your private health insurance for further consultations.

Additional information and reference text

Download your EPC referral form using the file attached here. 
Reference text available @​
Published article from the Chiropractic Association of Australia referencing medicare claims-​

Conditions apply* To be eligible for a Medicare rebate, you need to be placed on an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan by a medical doctor. You have to prove that you’ve been suffering or will suffer from a condition for longer than 6 months or have numerous health issues that require chiropractic care. Evidence of previous treatment, imaging, medication is helpful. Visit for more info.

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