We commonly treat:

Sore Neck
Low back pain
​Pelvic pain, hip pain, leg pain 
Disc injury

Muscular cramps

Hypertonic & tender musculature
Sport injuries

Frozen shoulder
Tennis elbow & Golfers elbow
TMJ tension & Jaw clicking

Specialised Massage Appointments

 — Reflexology
— Hot Stone Massage
> Cupping Massage
> Guaisha & Passive stretching
— Relaxation —

— Lymphatic Drainage —
— Reflexology —
—  Thai Massage —
— Remedial Massage —

Massage Techniques

> Muscle tension release
> Deep tissue therapy
> Cross friction massage
> Static release
> Joint mobilisation

> Trigger point therapy
> Therapeutic reflexology release
> Cupping techniques
> Guasha
> Passive stretching
> Relaxation with gentle muscle work 

> Circulation techniques
> Strapping

Our Massage Philosophy

Massage is the oldest form of physical medication, this specific form is more than just a relaxation technique. Our trained professionals’ find & release the tension in needed areas of the body.The process involves manipulation of the soft tissues of the body; including muscles, ligament, joints & tendons.​

How we treat your symptoms:

In a relaxing and quiet environment, our massage therapists, commonly uses massage oil to create comfort and allow for easier movement across the skin. Patients have reported great improvement after single treatments and tend to find their chiropractic treatments significantly more effective after a massage.

Other reported effects include lowered blood pressure and heightened general well-being. Any person at any age in any physical state can be treated with massage therapy, whether it is with very gentle relaxation massage or reflexology massage, or whether it is will firm remedial massage or Thai massage. 

What is remedial massage therapy?

The process of remedial massage uses pressure and stretching to break up fibrous tissue and loosen stiff joints. Patients find that often this reaction by one part of the body often affects other areas due to the ability for the nerve system to communicate. The different techniques naturally progress and support your body’s ability to repair itself.

The benefits of remedial massage:

> Stimulation of blood circulation allowing toxins in the muscles to be removed.
> Increased blood supply to your muscles.
> Relaxing muscles to provide comfort and joint mobility.
> Improved healing rate of the body’s injuries.
> Increased levels of serotonin / dopamine that help reduce stress and fatigue in the body and spine.

How long are treatment sessions?

Remedial massage appointments are generally 45 – 90 minutes, depending on patient needs; for example specific area or specific muscle release may require less time, or more sessions, where a full body massage and a condition specific massage are very different in required time and amount of sessions.  ​

What happens during a treatment?

Remedial massage therapy begins with us finding any problems or inconsistencies around your body and then working through those areas for relief. By using different techniques at ChiroCure, we seek to provide you with relaxation and pain relief, as well as finding and treating the original cause of the pain and discomfort to avoid future issues. 
Our remedial therapists will focus on improving blood circulation, using the degree of pressure that suits you to release muscles, and the chiropractor will focus on joint and bone so that you get the best all over care and relief.

What our therapists can offer to you in each appointment

– ​Natural Coconut Oil
– Deep heat 
– Natural anti-inflammatory cremes
– Sports gel
– Tiger Balm
Our massage therapists may apply one, or all of the above to help make your massage more comfortable and effective for your pain condition.​

it may be necessary for the patient to be unclothed to target specific areas, however our therapists do offer over the clothes massage for a 15 minute appointment and by request!

Patient response

Most patients will feel the difference after just one session, however your remedial massage therapists may also feel that you require additional rehab for home.

Our practitioners will offer to show you simple exercises or stretches to practice at home, and recommend therapeutic supplements go help speed up recovery.

Our recommendations after treatment

– Hydrate / Use prescribed supplements.
– Be aware of your posture.
– Complete Prescribed stretches.
– It takes 48 hours for toxins to leave the system (so you can be tender for a few days afterwards).
– Rebook to follow up with your ChiroCure Clinic therapist.
We believe in individual patient management, and do not have set treatment plans in place. It is always best to you ask your practitioner what they recommend for you specifically, especially after your first treatment visit, in regards to suggested length of appointments required for your condition and body.

Scheduling Appointments

After seeing how the body responds to treatment, our practitioners will discuss whether an ongoing treatment plan is right for you and the recommended booking schedule frequency. Scheduling may include maintenance and preventative appointments fortnightly or monthly, depending on your job & lifestyle.

Benefit of massage in conjunction with Chiropractic care

Warm up massages prior to Chiropractic care may help improve all chiropractic treatments and improve the bodies ability to hold the changes that occur after a chiropractic adjustment for a longer period of time.

Our practitioners use a variety of treatment techniques to compliment other clinic services to ensure the best results for patients to promote healing, reduce pain, and provide muscular relaxation of the entire body.

Our Massage Therapists Background…

> Have over 10 years of massage experience.
> ​Specialised to compliment your chiropractic care.
> Release pressure to reduce muscular spasms, tightness and pain.
> Offer full body and isolated area treatments.
> Ongoing treatment will assist in all musculo-skeletal conditions.
> ​Consultations are claimable with private health insurance on the spot.
> HICAPS claiming​​​ is available with our terminal machine in the clinic.

> Work-cover claims are available, when relevant claim number and documentation is provided​.

Specialty treatments services we offer:

– Cupping
– Lymphatic Drainage
– Reflexology
– Thai style massage
​- Graston Technique
–  ​Dry Needling

Read more about our Massage Therapist’s & Rehab Practitioners on our bio page.

Cupping with Remedial Massage

cupping therapy massage chirocure clinic stkilda 3183

Our remedial massage therapists can use cupping therapy during all massage appointments, to provide deep tissue release, and targeting specific muscular aches and tension in muscle groups, to help prevent fatigue, stress, anxiety and pain.

You can request to have cupping in your next massage appointment.
Please ask one of our friendly staff for more information and online booking options.

What is ‘cupping therapy’ helpful for?

Therapeutic Cupping is a technique used to stimulate blood flow, by placing plastic ‘cups’ over soft tissue and gently applying pressure to move the muscles in the upward direction towards the heart.


– Stimulates the central nervous system
– Prevents Migraines
– Increases circulation
– Speeds up recovery time after an injury
– Eliminates toxins
– Creates a deep state of relaxation
– Diminishes sleep disorders
– Relieves pain
– Alleviates depression and anxiety
For appointment bookings please as our clinic staff or book online through our online system.

Lymphatic therapy​

– Speeds up the healing process and recovery time after surgery and of sports injuries, by reducing swelling and bruising.
– Reduce scarring, especially after an operation.
– Eases the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatic.
– Aids in the relief of migraines, headaches and neuralgia.
– Kick-starts any detox program

– A very gentle and relaxing massage that can benefit everyone.

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