How is your sleeping posture affecting your spinal health?

How is your posture when your asleep? 
​Are you sleeping in the best position for your spine?
What type of pillow should i use?

These are all questions that our practitioners get asked regularly. Below are some handy tips about the correct sleeping position. We also offer a range of therapeutic pillows to improve your sleep quality.

6 handy tips to improve your sleeping position…

1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach.
2. Upgrade your mattress.
3. Use the right therapeutic pillow.
4. Loosen your muscles before bed and after you wake up.
5. Work on your posture during the day.
​6. Put a pillow in-between your knees or underneath both knees for better lumbar support
See our full range of therapeutic pillows to improve your posture for a better quality of sleep!

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