How to loosen your back using a foam roller – Dr Tania Leski Explains

  • Lie faceup with foam roller horizontally under upper back (below shoulder blades), knees bent, feet flat, and hands behind head.
  • Tighten abs and press into feet, lifting hips slightly to slowly roll from upper to middle back.
  • Find a tender spot. Hold, release, and repeat.

Hold for 30-60 seconds

Repeat 2-3 times per session

No more than 3 sessions of this activity per week.

TIP: For a deeper back stretch, lift your hips

  • From this position, bring foam roller under lower back, with knees bent and arms out to sides.
  • Contract abs and tilt slightly to left to target muscles along left part of back.
  • Still tilted left, press into feet to roll back and forth from midback to top of hips, stopping when you find a sore spot.
  • Hold, release, and repeat.
  • Switch sides, tilted slightly to right.

TIP: For a deeper back stretch, lift your hips


Then apply pressure through upper back Add rolling ( over you your upper back) once Dr Tania Leski has checked your strength and realigned the spine.

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