Functional Muscle Assessments are now available at ChiroCure Clinic

What is Functional movement screening?
A functional movement screening (FMS) is an appointment that involves using a  pre-participation screening tool, that is designed to identify compensatory movement patterns, that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance.

What are the functional movement screen tests?
The FMS helps identify muscle asymmetries, tightness, weakness and other risk factors for injury by examining the mobility and stability of the hips, core, shoulders, knees, spine and ankles.

The FMS consists of 7 movements

  • Deep Squat
  • Hurdle Step
  • Inline Lunge
  • Shoulder mobility
  • Rotary stability
  • Trunk stability Push ups
  • Straight leg raise

The scoring

  • Each movement is scored from 0-3 – This provides clear information on the client’s functional limitations and thus risk of injury.
  • Score will form the direction and pathway for corrective exercise programming or functional re-training.

Its role is to pinpoint areas of movement pattern limitation and asymmetry.

4X4 Matrix Posture assessment areas:

  • Supine/prone
  • Quadruped
  • Kneeling
  • Standing

Our practitioners will use a 4 by 4 matrix to try and fix the problems that have been shown in the FMS test.

Joint by Joint theory.
Our practitioners are trained to use Joint by joint theory to try and fix the pain and dysfunction. They can also perform a gait analysis to assess and improve your weight bearing and posture whilst walking and moving.

Our remedial therapists will apply kinesiology tape to areas that are prone to injuries and to offer also posture corrective support for the core muscles and surrounding ligaments and joints. Our therapists are also trained to use ridged tape for specific muscle groups to encourage stability and support.

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