How to understand your body. Dr Tania Leski explains this Febuary…

At ChiroCure we specialise in treatment for the whole body.

– Chiropractic specialist with Controlled spinal adjustments

– Full body joint mobilisation

– Improving nerve function within the body

– Increasing movement of the spine

– Pain Management for all areas of the body

– Soft tissue therapies include organ release

Chiropractor visits

ChiroCure clinic StKilda East 3183 Phone (03)90135133

How Chiropractic Care Can Help:

– Allow body to coordinate and heal

– Improves nervous system functioning

– Removes interruption of nerve flow

– Improves transmission of messages

Why Get Adjusted…

  • Pain Relief.
  • Removes misalignment causing nerve pressure.
  • Increases Movement.
  • Degenerative Prevention.
  • Aids in reducing inflammation.
  • Promotes healing to minimises the can cause reoccurring episodes.

Preventing degeneration at ChiroCure health clinic

What Chase of degeneration is your spine in? Would you like to find out? Visit ChiroCure clinic for a complete diagnostic Xray and preventative treatment therapies. Phone (03)90135133

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