Corporate Workplace Presentations

Corporate Care is a service for the common problems that people face in an office / desk job environment.
​It is efficient by attending to individuals or a whole corporate team to assess their health and wellbeing and offering health advice, ergonomic assessment, and spinal adjustments where necessary.
Our corporate services include a range of effective mobile solutions such as:

* On-the-spot Spinal Adjustments
* Health & Wellbeing Assessments
Workstation Ergonomic Assessment
* Online Progress Tracking Systems
Companies that assist their employees in maintaining good health can expect happier staff and better results within the business.
This service is moral boosting and promotes a modern workplace. 
​We can offer treatment information sessions to companies for individuals, small groups or an entire team.​

To make a booking for our corporate services, feel free to contact us on (03) 9013 5133.

Chiropractic Corporate Packages Available​

Work station Ergonomic Assessment & Advice

Why choose us to assist your team?

Our in-office workplace wellness presentation addresses workplace issues such as poor posture, workplace injuries and pain syndromes such as headaches, neck ache and back pain.

Employees can then avail themselves for our complimentary detailed Chiropractic assessment in our Inkerman Street practice, should they choose to pursue Chiropractic care

​This is an on-going offer following our corporate presentations that will be offered at a special corporate discounted price.​

Why we do it?

“The World Health Organisation says that back pain is the leading cause of time off work, lost productivity and disability in the world. Chiropractors recognise that early intervention is the most effective form of management and this includes workplace review and advice.”

According to our existing patient base and health presentations, posture advice and workplace exercise better improve employee performance and moral, and is becoming more and more sought after in the working environment.

​These presentations allow us to reach our target marketing of city-based office professionals and provide companies “value added” services for their employees.​

Packages Available

We offer a variety of presentations and seminars that may be conducted at your workplace.

These include information on:
** Posture and ergonomics
** Managing lower back pain
** Headaches and prevention
** Neck & Shoulder Pain
** Stress Management
** Nutrition and pain relief  
Special programs can also be tailored to suit your particular needs.

Package inclusions:
– ‘Half Hour to Health’ presentation promoting workplace health and well-being
– Take home sheets on posture and self stretches
– Access to our Corporate Chiropractic rate for ongoing visits​ ​

What we require from you

> A conference room to conduct the presentation with projector and screen.

Appropriate seating for large groups depending on workplace and presentation requirements.

Time afterwards for 10-15 minutes of questions and quick assessment time for interested attendees.

    Request a: No obligation consultation or corporate information pack

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