Chiropractic Care

What is Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic treatment will vary depending on your presentation and symptoms. Our health philosophy is hands-on, natural alternative therapy for symptom relief (such as neck pain, low back pain, loss of mobility and some headaches), with a focus on prevention and rehabilitation. At ChiroCure Clinic our chiropractors aim to find the cause of the problem as well as treating the symptoms.Our services correct joint dysfunction of the spine and extremities to correctly align the body’s musculoskeletal structure, so that the nervous system is functioning at its best which allows your body to do the same.

Chiropractic treatment can be applied with various techniques to the following areas of the body: muscles, joints, bones, cartilage  and ligaments and tendons; particularly around the spine. Chiropractic care can be combined with other natural therapies, supplements or adjuncts; some of which include: remedial massage therapy, myotherapy, posture supports, ergonomic advice, therapeutic pillows for sleep, back supports, home exercise programs and natural anti-inflammatory creams which can contribute to faster and more effective rehabilitation.

Common reasons to visit a chiropractor

– Pain
– Dysfunction in the joints
– Stiffness
– Muscle tension 
– Mobility issues, movement restriction
– Posture correction
– Strength
– Loss of functionality
– Sport injuries & overuse injury such as sprains and strains
– Whiplash and associated neck conditions
– Torticollis, neck sprain / strain, Wry neck
– Spinal conditions
​- Scoliosis, Kyphosis
– Disc injury
– Migraine
– TMJ, Jaw pain, sinus and related musculoskeletal pain problems
– Upper cross syndrome
– Lower cross syndrome (posture cause dysfunction)


How we find the cause of your pain…

– Full body and specific orthopaedic and neurologic testing
– Computer scan with posture analysis
– Joint function assessment
– Detailed report of findings
X-ray Images ​if necessary (medicare bulk-billed with chiropractic referral)
– Comprehensive diagnosis
– C
omparative posture screen exam
– Condition and range of movement reassessments

What is an adjustment?

Chiropractic adjusting techniques involve a high velocity-low amplitude thrust to a designated area, usually to one or more spinal vertebrae.
​An adjustment may help to:
> Restore full movement to that segment of your spine which is closely related to overall spinal and bodily functioning
​>Decrease inflammation that has built up around the affected area 
> Reduce nerve impediment & irritation that can cause pain and dysfunction such as weakness.

Adjustment Techniques 

​> Manual manipulation
> Extremity adjusting 
> Instrument assisted adjusting
> Drop-piece
> Cervical distraction
> Joint mobilisation
Low force & Gentle Activator adjustments 
Cranial adjustments
> Kinesiology
> Pelvic biomechanical blocking
​> Therapeutic Ultrasound Therapy
> Muscular release
​> Trigger point therapy​

What happens during an initial consult?

At your first consultation with us, we will ask you about pain, stiffness, areas of concern & other chiropractic health-related problems you may have.

We then perform a chiropractic assessment and physical exam, to diagnose and discuss treatment options that would be right for you. Our chiropractors perform a full body assessment and treatment. You may also be referred for x-ray imaging, if necessary.

What happens during a regular treatment session?

During a regular visit our Chiropractors will treat you with use of adjustments and other techniques if necessary, they will also provide you with other support you may need through your recovery. Our qualified team of Chiropractors and allied health practitioners will educate you on what you can do to avoid injury or ongoing pain and answer any questions you may have. 

You will also have access to clinic resources in order to help aid in your recovery, which include predominantly  personalised home exercise & stretching routines with the potential addition of some exercise products, supports and supplements as needed.

Can anyone see a chiropractor?

Yes!! Chiropractic techniques can be adapted to treat any age & stage.​

Something extra for our patients!

All patients will have access to our online Patient Resource Page, filled with relevant research, studies, rehabilitation video demos and more.

Treatment Care Options…

Relief Care to FEEL BETTER! 
Many individuals seek chiropractic care because they are in pain or experiencing other unpleasant symptoms. The primary goal for relief care at ChiroCure Clinic in St Kilda is to increase the function of the spine and nervous system, alleviating pain and symptoms as quickly as possible.

Corrective Care to GET STRONGER! 
Once pain and symptoms have been significantly reduced, care is continued in order to prevent re-occurrence of symptoms. The primary goal is to restore the structure and function of the spine and nervous system by adding in stretching and strengthening exercises

Wellness Care to STAY WELL! 
Now that the proper structure and function of the spine and nervous system has been restored and the body has fully healed. The primary goal in this phase of care is to maintain your improved spinal health in order for your body to continue to perform at its highest level. 

Other reasons to see a chiropractor: 

* Disturbed or broken sleep from musculoskeletal pain
* Misalignment causing discomfort within the body

* Relaxation can occur due to release of muscles & joints 
* Relief from pain

* Repair general body function
* Reduce chronic pain conditions

* Some types of headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo or tinnitus
* Joint stiffness, movement restriction
* Posture correction
* Jaw dysfunction 

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Meet the ‘Activator’ Adjusting Tool

A Chiropractic activator adjusting instrument, with a spring-loaded hand-held mechanical instrument that provides a quick, low-force impulse at specific points (SpineHealth, 2016). The adjusting device used by our chiropractic professionals applies a pain-free, low force treatment, to release muscle spasms and correct misalignment that occur in the spine and body. By providing a high velocity, low amplitude thrust it gives a consistently effective result.

What does posture have to do with it?

A loss of normal motion or position of these bones can irritate and impair the function of the nervous system. This can disrupt the transmission of nerve impulses that control your body. Posture is a major consideration when assessing and treating the spine. ​At ChiroCure Clinic St.Kilda our chiropractors aim to correct this process, thereby improving pain, movement & posture ​throughout your entire body.

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> Advice from our qualified chiropractor
> Postural assessment
> Spinal analysis
> Diagnostic testing
> Comprehensive chiropractic treatment care plan with several options
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Therapeutic aids & Supplements…

Please visit our online store and view our practitionerrecommended posture support braces, memory foam pillows, travel pillows, therapeutic supplementsrehabilitation aids and more for patients to purchase from our St Kilda practice. For information about our prescribed therapy aids and rehab stock call ChiroCure Clinic on 90135133

Xray Imaging & Referral   (bulk-billed)

Radiology Imaging can be an integral part of chiropractic diagnostic procedures.  X-rays will help to determine the health of your spine by clearly showing misalignment and degeneration. They may increase the safety and accuracy of your care, and help determine the right program for you. ​Our chiropractors take a thorough approach to help ensure that you will be provided with the highest standard of chiropractic care.

Based on the nature of your condition as well as a number of other factors, x-rays of your spine or injured body part may be required to identify subtle abnormalities, serious pathologies, level of degeneration and nerve irritation present. If X-rays are required you will be referred to a local radiography clinic. When referred by a Chiropractor, imaging is bulk-billed with Medicare.

Our practitioners therapeutic relief practices 

> Comprehensive Treatment care plans for your condition
> Professional co-management for better overall health care and results
> Ultrasound therapy for pain, scar tissue repair & swelling
> Aim to help disturbed or broken sleep coming from pain and discomfort within the body. 
Our chiropractors are well equipped to treat both acute and long term conditions and causes of pain.​

Ultrasound Therapy


Our therapeutic ultrasound therapy machine uses sound waves to increase blood production and stimulate healing cells to better treat affected joints, tissues and ligaments. 
It can help patients with:
>Pain Relief    >Stiffness   >Swelling   > Inflammation 
>Muscle dysfunction >Effects of calcium deposits >Improved circulation
>Pain-free movement   >Tendonitis    >Scar Tissue   

Ultrasound therapy may be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments at ChiroCure Clinic including stretching, therapeutic massage, heat and chiropractic manipulation

Pregnancy treatment for musculoskeletal related conditions. 

Adding a chiropractor to your prenatal care team both during and after pregnancy, can help treat and manage symptoms of muscular soreness, joint pain, pelvic pressure, uncomfortable movement, swelling, sciatica and carpel tunnel. Pelvic instability, spinal pressure, nerve irritation and musculoskeletal misalignment during any stage of pregnancy can cause a range of symptoms that our chiropractors and remedial therapists will address and treat.   


Spinal change may occur during pregnancy
For more information about our chiropractors and other treatment services please visit our about us page. 

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