ChiroCure Xmas Hours for 2016

Keep your Back Happy This Holiday Season
Christmas Hours As Follows:
Dec 24 – CLOSED
Dec 25 – CLOSED
Dec 26 – CLOSED

Reopen Dec 27 – 31

Jan 1 – CLOSED
Jan 2 – CLOSED

What is the importance of looking after your posture this festive season??
The Chiropractic Association of Australia has recently revealed that the summer holiday season is increasingly becoming a peak season for postural wear and tear!

Dr Tania Leski and Dr Jessica Bravo have compiled a list of the top travel tips to help you ‘keep your back happy’ as you enjoy your holiday.

1. Take regular stretch breaks at least every one to two hours.
2. While sitting, use back support, such as a small, rolled towel. Alternate behind the back and between the shoulders.
3. Make your seat upright, placing your tailbone as far back into the seat aspossible, andshoulders and head supported by the seat.
4. While flying, sit on the aisle seat where possible, making it easier to regularly stretch and walk during the flight.
5. Be careful while lifting and carrying luggage. Bend with your knees, not your back. Retrieving baggage off the carousel can be particularly risky, often involving rapid twisting.
6. When sleeping in a strange bed, sleep on your back or side where possible andavoid sleeping on your stomach.
7. Compensate for dips in the mattress by placing a small, soft towel under your side.
8. If the bed is ‘saggy’, consider putting the mattress on the floor.
9. Use a ceiling fan instead of air-conditioning, where possible, to avoid cold b lasts of air on your neck or back..
As we get set to take a break, Remember to schedule your Chiropractic Care maintainence visits around your holidays.

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