Chirocure clinic adjusting syle

ChiroCure Clinic Chiropractors apply various different treatment techniques during each visit, depending on patient presentation and preference.

Our therapeutic techniques include; activator, manual adjusting, drop piece, mobilization, distraction therapy, ultrasound therapy, soft tissue, pelvic blocking, NET, TBM, Cranio-Sacral techniques and cranial manipulation.

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Our chiropractors find that our patients show the best response when using manual and activator adjusting in combination, for both joint and muscle release.

If you would prefer one technique over the other please ask your chiropractor at your next visit.

Manual Adjusting v’s Activator Adjusting

Activator Application

  • More gentle adjusting when applied to move joints
  • Used to release muscle and activate nerve endings
  • Helps to release surrounds fixation and ligaments
  • Compliments manual adjusting when applied
  • Can be used for less forceful adjustments
  • Specific application
  • Will not produce a pop sound
  • Applied to spine for patients with osteoporosis, scoliosis, for children, or during pregnancy


Manual Adjusting

  • Can be performed solely as a technique
  • Can be used to apply more force and pressure
  • Can move a specific joint on another
  • Can be applied to any joint in spine or body
  • Produces a popping sound
  • Can result in instant relief
  • Shows the quickest body response
  • May cause tenderness for a few hours after due to muscle release

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