​Lower cross syndrome and treatment

Lower Cross Syndrome / Incorrect Lumbar Curvature ​Lower cross syndrome Lower Crossed Syndrome is a muscular imbalance syndrome, which results in postural changes, postural dysfunction and visible unleveling; particularly in the lower spine, that our Chiropractors are trained to identify. We will complete an assessment, posture scan and posture report during your first visit.  Muscular imbalance can lead to an unstable back,

ChiroCure Clinic welcomes Dr Jennifer Lew to the team!

Welcoming our new ChiroCure Chiropractor – Dr Jen Lew Dr Jennifer Lew has been practicing Chiropractic in Sydney for the past 5 years at an integrated health clinic. Ultimately it was a combination of growing up in a Medical family (both parents are GPs) and the love of sport, health, fitness and performance that lead

Personal Training recommendations

How to get the most out of your treatment?Why not co manage your condition with one of our recommended PT’s? How to get the most out of your chiropractic careYour chiropractor is perfecting your postural alignment, aiming to have you moving more efficiently and without discomfort. Treatment involves a mix of techniques, including: gentle manipulation,

Rib Misalignment & Chiropractic treatment

Did you know that all ribs in the chest can become misaligned? Misalignment and unleveling can occur when a rib moves slightly backwards and inwards from the thoracic vertebra towards the spine. The surrounding back muscles contract and tighten to protect the misalignment.​All of the rib attachments in our chest can become misaligned and cause

Functional Muscle Assessments are now available at ChiroCure Clinic

What is Functional movement screening?A functional movement screening (FMS) is an appointment that involves using a  pre-participation screening tool, that is designed to identify compensatory movement patterns, that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance. What are the functional movement screen tests?The FMS helps identify muscle asymmetries, tightness, weakness and other risk factors for injury by examining the

Spinal Health Screening & Computerised Posture Assessments

Computerised Spinal Screening, Posture Assessments & Report By ChiroCure Clinic Chiropractors WHAT WILL A SPINAL SCREEN LOOK FOR? A spinal screen will assess your spine for: Vertebral, spinal and extremity misalignment. Posture abnormalities Other body signals that may warrant further chiropractic investigation. History of accidents or trauma Repetitive strain injury Poor sleeping posture Poor ergonomics

Sports injury care at ChiroCure

Chiropractic treatment for sports injury and wellness You don’t need to be a professional athlete to require chiropractic treatment for a sports injury or trauma. Whether you are a runner, cyclist, rower, footballer or cricket player; if you compete at a high level or just play for fun it is more than likely that at

Did you know about bra strap supports sold at ChiroCure?

Do you know how to get the right support from your bra? Bra Strap Cushions are available for purchase at Chirocure Clinic in StKilda East. They are effective and discreet posture aids. Women simply slide their bra straps into the specially designed bra strap cushion channels, for instant pain relief, and additional support. Bra support

FlexEze patches are available at ChiroCure Clinic for instant pain relief for 12 hours

Why use a FlexEze patch?– Lower back pain– Muscle pain– Muscle dysfunction– Soft Tissue Injury– Menstrual Cramps– Tendinopathies– Ligament Strain– Joint Sprain Why are Flexeeze patches effective?FlexEze heat patches are air-activated.They are designed to warm gradually.Patches reach maximum heat in approximately 30 minutes.Each patch will stay warm at a constant temperature for 12-24 hours.They can