Brendon explains Myotherapy, Dry Needling  & Acupuncture & the different treatment outcomes

A little about our Myotherapist – Brendon… Brendon’s passion for myotherapy, dry needling, soft tissue work, rehab and recovery was heavily influenced when he injured his own knee as a young child. Brendon not only works with us at ChiroCure Clinic, but also works within a soft tissue Medical treatment team at the Western Bulldogs


UPPER CROSS SYNDROME & CHIROPRACTIC Upper Crosse Syndrome (UCS) is caused by an imbalance in the flexor and extensor muscles of the chest and upper back. It can be seen clearly on X-ray imaging referred by your chiropractor, when looking from the side of the spine at the spinal curves. Posture will often result in the

Posture Correcting Exercises

Exercises recommended by our Chiropractors Here are some simple strategies our chiropractors recommend you can implement right now, whether at home or work for better health after your ChiroCure Clinic treatment. Add these exercises and stretches to your daily routine, along with increasing your general activity and movement throughout the day to help your treatment

Supplement recommendations this winter

Want an immunity booster this winter? Why not try these probiotics….  Practitioner dispense supplements are proven to better absorbed and more effective Helps to maintain a healthy immune system daily Great to help fight the common cold and keep you at your best during winter Recommended by our professional chiropractors Prescribed by our qualified practitioners  To fridge

Treatment for Upper & Lower Cross Syndrome

Could your ‘desk posture’ be contributing to your lower back pain, neck pain or headaches? Chiropractic treatment can help! Are you stuck behind a desk while slugging away at work all day long – five days a week? If this sounds like you, there is a likely chance you might be suffering from what I like

TBM Treatment at ChiroCure Clinic

TBM Chiropractic Treatment Techniques Total Body Modification (TBM) offers an allergy solution which relieves the individual and provides up to 95% improvement in symptoms. TBM is a specialised chiropractic technique which allows imbalances to be detected and corrected through muscle testing and tapping specific body points. TBM works in a similar manner to how acupuncture points

Functional Muscle Assessments are now available at ChiroCure Clinic

What is Functional movement screening?A functional movement screening (FMS) is an appointment that involves using a  pre-participation screening tool, that is designed to identify compensatory movement patterns, that are indicative of increased injury risk and inefficient movement that causes reduced performance. What are the functional movement screen tests?The FMS helps identify muscle asymmetries, tightness, weakness and other risk factors for injury by examining the

Did you know that we have a rib misalignment??

Rib misalignment is no laughing matter… A rib misalignment occurs when your rib moves slightly (backwards and inwards) from the thoracic vertebra towards the spine, the muscles in your back will then contract and tighten to protect the misalignment. Symptoms include: Difficulty or pain when breathing, sneezing, and coughing Often causes a shooting pain that

Disc Bulge and Slipped Disc Research

Do you have a disc bulge or slipped disc?Can chiropractic treatment help? A recent study published in an international peer reviewed journal found that patients with neck pain as a result of cervical spine disc herniation respond favourably to Chiropractic adjustments. (1)  The Swiss study investigated 50 patients with symptoms consistent with nerve compression in

Chronic back pain? Help is at hand

As part of Spinal Health Week 2017, we are raising awareness of chronic back pain and encouraging Australians to seek help. Spinal Health Week this year is focused on encouraging people to seek help for chronic back problems. ​If you or anyone you know is affected by chronic back pain, the good news is that you don’t