Beyond The Spine: Our Extremity Adjusting

Our chiropractors are also extremity adjusters!

At ChiroCure Clinic our chiropractors offer relief beyond the spine and neck, we can also manually adjust all the joints in your legs and arms!! This can help to relieve hip pain, ankle pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, low back pain and all extremity dysfunction or pain symptoms. 

Our experienced extremity Chiropractors at ChiroCure Clinic can help with pain and joint tenderness by working with all of the following areas:

Feet and Ankles: Patients with a pronated, unnaturally rotated or collapsed foot arch will have a joint imbalance occurring in their tibia, femur, ankle joints and pelvis. Misalignment in any of the foot or ankle joints will often cause lumbar discomfort, chronic low back pain or pelvic weakness. 
Shoulders: Patients with rounded, flared or uneven shoulders will often have misalignments occurring in their rib joints, clavicle, sternum or shoulder. Misalignment in the shoulders can often be seen during a posture scan. Patients with shoulder dysfunction will often experience upper and middle back pain, headaches, low energy and stiffness. Consistent extremity adjustments in this area can provide quick and effective relief.
Hands and wrists: Patients with misalignment in their hands and wrist may experience joint swelling, tingling, numbness, shooting nerve pain or stiffness. Adjusting the bones in the hand or wrist can bring about instant relief.
Knees and elbows: Just like the hands and wrists, an adjustment in the elbows and knees can result in relief for acute pain, joint swelling, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, clicking, patella dysfunction and meniscus injury. 

Spinal adjustments and extremity manipulation help to restore the body’s natural functions.
Chiropractic can help with everything from poor posture to acute and chronic pain syndromes.
​Most patients report improved sleep, more energy, improved immune response and better overall health.

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