Did you know that we have a rib misalignment??

Rib misalignment is no laughing matter… A rib misalignment occurs when your rib moves slightly (backwards and inwards) from the thoracic vertebra towards the spine, the muscles in your back will then contract and tighten to protect the misalignment. Symptoms include: Difficulty or pain when breathing, sneezing, and coughing Often causes a shooting pain that

Total Body Modification (TBM) at ChiroCure Clinic

TBM chiropractic treatment techniques at ChiroCure Clinic (03)90135133 Total Body Modification (TBM) offers an allergy solution which relieves the individual and provides up to 95% improvement in symptoms. TBM is a specialised chiropractic treatment technique which allows imbalances to be detected and corrected through muscle testing and tapping specific body points. TBM works in a

FlexEze patches are available at ChiroCure Clinic for instant pain relief for 12 hours

Why use a FlexEze patch?– Lower back pain– Muscle pain– Muscle dysfunction– Soft Tissue Injury– Menstrual Cramps– Tendinopathies– Ligament Strain– Joint Sprain Why are Flexeeze patches effective?FlexEze heat patches are air-activated.They are designed to warm gradually.Patches reach maximum heat in approximately 30 minutes.Each patch will stay warm at a constant temperature for 12-24 hours.They can