Disc Bulge and Slipped Disc Research

Do you have a disc bulge or slipped disc?Can chiropractic treatment help? A recent study published in an international peer reviewed journal found that patients with neck pain as a result of cervical spine disc herniation respond favourably to Chiropractic adjustments. (1)  The Swiss study investigated 50 patients with symptoms consistent with nerve compression in

ChiroCure Adjustment techniques

OUR CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES Family Chiropractic Care – Treatment for people of all ages.Sport Injury Management – Full body and spinal injury managementRehabilitation – in clinic advice and on site rehabilitation services including personalised rehabilitation programs, patient exercise manuals and various gym programs.Pre and Post-Natal Musculoskeletal Care – pregnancy related management for pregnancy patients.Applied Kinesiology – A chiropractic system that evaluates

How our chiropractors diagnose spinal conditions and spinal degeneration on xray imaging?

The importance of radiology imaging in chiropractic treatment plans… Radiology Imaging procedures can be an integral part of chiropractic diagnostic procedures.  Our chiropractors use X-ray images to help determining the health of your spine. Imaging will show any misalignment in the vertebrae and spine, and our chiropractors demonstrate and explain this is detail on your report of findings