Is posture behind knee pain?

When you have good posture, you sit, stand and walk properly so that your skeleton is properly aligned, your weight is evenly distributed and your body is in balance. When you have bad posture, your bones move out of alignment. This may cause a shift with the balance of weight and put unnecessary stress on

Chiropractic and Insomnia – our chiropractors explains

Sleep is a foundational requirement for good health, and sleep problems will nearly always contribute to illness and diseases. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting deep, restorative sleep then it’s likely you have a sleep dysfunction and possibly insomnia. Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System  (ANS) with Chiropractic Have the correct posture, bio-mechanical

Ultrasound therapy at ChiroCure

Ultrasound therapy is used by our chiropractors at ChiroCure Clinic to minimise muscle pain and movement dysfunction; by penetrating the derma below the skin using sound waves to deliver vibration and deep heat to the treated tissues.  Our practitioners often use ultrasound therapy followed by adjusting the spine and area of dysfunction, this can help to stretch the joints and relive