Therapy for sports injury

5 Ways that athletes benefit from chiropractic care, remedial massage and myotherapy: 1. Undo the punishment the body takes in sports2. Chiropractic care treats a variety of sports injuries3.Non invasive/drug free treatment4. Injury Prevention/Performance Enhancement5. To Decrease Pain You don’t need to be a professional athlete to require chiropractic treatment for a sporting injury. Whether you’re

Posture imbalances…have you been checked?

Chiropractic adjusting for posture… As trained and experienced chiropractors, we care about utilising the most advanced chiropractic spinal manipulations in our clinical therapies. Our Chiropractors have a focus towards helping patients get relief from conditions originating from spinal misalignment and dysfunction. Relieve all types of symptoms Book now ​Treatment for musculoskeletal conditions relating to:– back pain– neck