We can help with your sinusitis this winter!!!

We can help with all types of symptoms at ChiroCure Clinic St Kilda, VIC Why am I experiencing sinus related symptoms?The answer is that if your body is working properly, your resistance to germs, dust, temperature changes and other stresses is high.A healthy body has properly drained sinuses. Chiropractic treatment can help?Treatment aims to relieve

Why should we drink more water…

The importance of drinking more water after your Chiro adjustemnts ​Why water helps: Hydration Help Remove Toxins from the body Keeping properly hydrated is even more important for patients who undergo chiropractic treatments. Patients may experience a variety of mild side effects for the first 24 hours following an adjustment, ranging from headache, to nausea,

Nutritional Tips from our chiropractic professionals at ChiroCure Clinic

We can help you get healthy and stay well!! Some of the areas we assist our clients in their quest for better health include the recommendations of nutritional changes, the taking of health supplements, teaching and performing exercises and stretches, and assistance in making healthier lifestyle choices. What type of conditions can our nutrition care

Rehab programs made just for you!!

What can exercise do for you? • Strong Body – Exercise helps strengthens joints and muscles all over body.• Osteoporosis prevention – Regular exercise promotes bone formation and can help prevent bone loss associated with aging. Treatment with our chiropractors and remedial massage therapists, along with exercise can help prevent pain and stiffness in the