How many weeks since your last adjustment?

chiropractic for ALL AGES at CHIROCURE CLINIC First Floor, 358 Glen Huntly Rd Elsterwick 3185 The best way to avoid problems in the future is to continue with monthly appointments at ChiroCure Clinic Elsternwick. Maintenance adjustments can help you prevent reoccurring episodes of pain & spinal dysfunction. Improve your movement, stiffness, muscle tenderness and posture

Incorrect Curvature – How Can ChiroCure Clinic help?

WHAT CAUSES INCORRECT SPINAL CURVES? Post whiplash Post head injury Stomach sleeping Poor sitting/working postures Congenital spinal curvatures Osteoporosis Degenerative cervical discs (a form of osteoarthritis that can either be the cause of or the result of a cervical kyphosis) Compression fracture of vertebral body Infection of the cervical spine Loss or Reversal of Neck